How does puzzle help kids development?

A puzzle teaches young children about the concept of a ‘whole’ and that each piece is a fraction of the bigger picture. It also helps develop basic skills such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience and a sense of achievement, which will stand children in good stead for school.

  • This is a special puzzle with a twist where you build your Robot and slide a plastic sheet to see the robot comes to life.


Slowly slide the Light Barrier on the robot.  Then you can see the robot’s parts start to turn. Each of the 27 magnetic tiles is printed with another vibrant part of another outrageous root. Arrange them anyway you want to create your own robot and then slide the plastic sheet over the finished design. It comes to life with fascinating animation! Combine learning and fun, Develop the children’s practical ability, and left-right brain coordination ability.


27pcs magnetic piece, 1pcs light barrier, 1pcs instructions. 1pcs magnetic plate==> 8 different robot images


Min. Recommended age

3 year




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