•  3-In-1 Story Projector: This Is a 3-In-1 multifunctional story torch, including 8 Fairy Tales Movies, Starry Sky Projection, Little Night Light. This children’s Story Projection Torch is made of high quality environmentally friendly ABS plastic – safe and non-toxic.
  • 8 Fairy Tales stories: 8 fairy tales, 64 Slides. let the children swim in the fairy tale world. Rotate the film, break the maze of the night, look at the picture and Images, and stimulate baby’s language expression ability.
  • One button control: press once – story projection mode, press twice – night light/starry sky projection mode, press three times – the light goes out.
  • Little Night Light/Starry Sky Projection: Are children afraid Of turning off the lights? Turn on this story projector little night light, Let the child fall asleep with peace of mind. it will project beautiful starry sky scene. The warm yellow light accompanies your baby to a sweet sleep or a happy afternoon, 15 minutes of humanized time switch.
  • Portable Design: This Storybook Projector for kids is extremely portable and lightweight! Portable design, easy to carry.  A pleasant design and cute image-changing picture projector allows children to continuously enjoy the play of hands and fingertips, stimulating the whole brain when viewing the images.
  • A Perfect Gift Idea: As an educational toy, it can tell kids story in this interesting way, improve children’s imagination and creativity. Very suit for bedtime story, preschool education and parent-child activities.
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