• These chess pieces feature a 9cm king (standard regulation size); they’re hollow plastic and have paper felt on the bottom.  They are lighter than wooden chess set.
  • The green vinyl chess board included in this set has standard 6 cm squares, making the whole board 52×52 cm overall. It also features clear and legible algebraic notation, a must-have for tournaments and chess clubs.
  • A sturdy plastic tube (52×8 cm) with shoulder straps for carrying and safekeeping
  • Meets all tournament standards and regulations. (Check our site for chess clock and other accessories)
  • Convenient to carry around to picnic, parks, road trips. They are lighter than wooden chess sets
  • Set with storage (the tube) allowing for safe storage in closets or in classrooms.
  • Easy to clean compared to wood sets
Min. Recommended age

6 year




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