Flash Cards set including 16 of them- helping your kids  to learn about the world around them:

    • First subset: Four cards are all about your home and the objects you can find in your kitchen, shed, bathroom and bedroom
    • Second Subset: Four Cards about animals. Learn which animals live in the sea, in the wild or on the farm.
    • Third Subset: Four cards about things you do in the world. What do you do inside and outside?
    • Forth Subset: One card all about fruits; one card all about vegetables; one card about buildings; one card about transportation

This a unique and fun design for the flash cards. High quality heavy-duty cardboard.

Suitable for Pre-schooler and first grader and can be used to teach English as second language to older kids. (gender Neutral)


Perfect gift for kids and toddlers.


Encyclopedia Of life, Thinking and Cognition

Min. Recommended age

3 year




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